Brilliant Audi Ad Mocking Sochi Olympic Rings Fail Is Probably Fake

11/02/2014 11:22

The defining image of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia has to be devastating malfunction that took place during Friday night’s opening ceremony when one of the five enormous snowflakes suspended from the ceiling of the arena failed to magically transform into a ring. As NBC’s Matt Lauer said on the air when it happened, “That’s too bad.”
Now, the image has become an inspired ad for the car company Audi, which conveniently only has four rings in its logo. The ad below show to the top of Reddit on Monday, using the asterisk-like snowflake to put forward the message, “When four rings is all you need.”


But as an Audi representative told Mashable, “This is not an official ad… it is most likely from an Audi fan.”
While the ad does seem like something more likely to come from an Audi “fan” than from the company itself, it’s perhaps even more impressive if the company managed to produce the image under the guise of it being an “unofficial” tribute. That way, they get the benefit of not angering an already-embarrassed Russia, and getting a clever, viral promotion at the same time.